Practical CCNA and Mobile App Development Training

It is a known fact that Information and Communication Technology play an importance role in our day to day activities and all our businesses sectors such as Automobile, Real-estate, Government, Health, Education, Banking, Insurance, Tourism, and many more…. Also statistics has shown that 50% of the billionaires in the world are those who invest in the ICT inclined businesses. Despite the explosion of ICT in our present generation there are still shortage of ICT manpower in the area of Networking and Programming.

Asa result of this MISEDACOM INT’L LTD is organizing a one month weekend ICTTraining Programs on CCNA and Mobile App Development to contribute her own quotain blocking the loopholes of Manpower shortage of ICT world for those who areinterested in joining the ICT group at a complete discounted rate of N15,000per Program to make a world a better place.

Training Arrangement

This program will be coming up on every weekend for four weeks


10am – 1pm for CCNA

2pm – 5pm for Mobile App


1pm – 3pm for CCNA

4pm – 6pm for Mobile App

Training Fee


Starting Date

Saturday 17th November, 2018


Pilot Science Primary School, Mombasa Street Opposite Golden Gate Hotel Zone 5 Wuse Abuja

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