7 easy ways to affiliate marketing

So you have decided to try out Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing without doubt, is the quickest and easiest way to make money on the world-wide-web.

Aside from this, affiliate marketing can boost of the following benefits.

– Minimum to zero financial investment to start out with;

– A verity of programs to choose from;

– Extravagant commission schemes ranging from 20% to 90% of the selling price;

– Unlimited number of program to join; you can work at your own pace.

– No limit as to how much you can earn;

Because of these amazing benefits, millions of online users have tried their hands in Affiliate Marketing.

But I am telling you right now, with the help of this post you are reading, you will be able to succeed on this field even if it is your first time of trying it.


You can succeed through the easy step that will be introduced in the following pages. Allow me to reveal  this 7-steps to you below;

  1. Choose a subject
  2. Choose a good affiliate program
  3. Create a website
  4. Formulate a USP
  5. Create and distribute a viral product
  6. Write and distribute articles
  7. Implement an email marketing system

I don’t believe in complication. For me, making money online is easy. Making money online via affiliate marketing is even easier.

I don’t believe in gurus who make simple things difficult just to make them look good. Internet marketing, particularly affiliate marketing is not supposed to be hard.

With the 7-steps system we intent to discuss, we will simplify affiliate marketing  into doable, pragmatic  stages that you can actually employ  in a day’s time pre-affiliate  product  you will promotes.

Step one:   Choose A subject

Making money online, and even in the real world, will seems less of a chore if you enjoy what you are doing. Many veteran internet marketers will tell you that, first and foremost, you should try to choose a subject that you like….Something that you are actually interested in.

Imagine creating a dog grooming business when you don’t even like dogs. How will that vacant be fare 2 you without the love and the passion you can invest in a business, it will never reach its full potentials. Furthermore, you will easily get bore with it. And once get bored; maintaining your business will be worse than work.

The same applies for an online business. You should find a subject matter that you love, or at the very least, a topic that you like. But always remember to concentrate on the market with LOW SUPPLY AND HIGH DEMAND WHICH LEADS TO PROFIT.


Step Two: choose An Affiliate Program


Once you have determine the market you want to cater to, it is time to choose the profit generating machinery of this money making process. You have two choices;

  1. Either you choose an Affiliate program or
  2. You join an Affiliate network.

Let’s discuss them individually.

An Affiliate program is one where the merchant directly employs an Affiliate system to hire an Affiliate. The Affiliate will deal with the merchant directly. There will be no Third party or broker to speak of. The Merchant will be the one to distribute the Affiliate links.

An Affiliate network on the other hand, is a system which an Affiliate can join. upon enrollment, He/she will gain access to hundreds, if not Thousands of products from different merchants.


Step Three: Create A Website.


Having a website will make things easier and will multiply your profit tremendously. A website is your Headquarter in the cyberspace, if real life businesses have their bricks and mortar stores, your Affiliate marketing business will have a website as its virtual office. This is the value of having your own website. In a nutshell, a place that will be identify with your business, a central place where you can lead people so that they can be exposed to your business massages.


Step Four: Formulate A USP.


The USP, plain and simple, is the sacred of the internet marketing millionaires. Somehow, they have formulated a unique selling proposition (USP) that made the member of their target market take notice and compelled them to buy from the said successful NETpreneur.

So, I will dear say this…..

Your Affiliate marketing success will greatly depend on the potency of the USP you will be able to come up with.

The USP states that you should be able to personalize and offer to make it better than the rest.


Step Five: Create A viral Product.


Armed with your Affiliate link as well as your USP, you are ready to announce to the world the entry into the playing field. And how else should a winner like you announce his arrival?


With a bang of course!


Here is a great tactic that we employ for every major product launch that we promote, we create a viral product.

Basically, a viral product is a digital product capable of being distributed digitally that is of outstanding value. This digital product promotes our Affiliate link. It can be a timely eBook or a special report. It can be a software program where our Affiliate link will appear in the user interface.


Step Six: Writing And Distributing Article.


In the previous step, we have discussed the sheer efficiency of viral marketing. Once a prospect downloads your viral product from your website, you automatically collect his/her email address for future business. Even without the benefits of a viral product for download, people who are lead to a particular website can still be exposed to a business messages.

Article marketing involves the submission of Articles to as many article directories as possible. But if you are not that confident about your writing prowess, or if you don’t have a time to write an article, you could hire a freelancer to do the job for you.


Step Seven: Implement An Email Marketing System.


Here is a fact that every Affiliate marketer should know……

On the average, it takes 12 contacts with prospects before he will decide to purchase what you are offering.

How can you ensure that you will be able to contact your prospect at least 12 times?  The answer lies in a system called email marketing.  An email marketing system is also called a “Follow- up” on your leads. That is what most veteran internet marketers use to follow- up and bring about success. And the heart of every follow- up system is an excellent Autorespondence.

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