How to Make $2000 in a Weekend is a $500 million company trading on the Australian Securities Exchange that aggregates millions of freelance jobs every month. The founder and CEO is Matt Barrie. is constantly buying new companies. Matt is constantly traveling. But the entire reason he started was to help people get out of their cubicle jobs and find more opportunities to make an income.

In an interview with serial entrepreneur James Altucher, Matt clearly stated the on-demanding jobs that could land a serious minded person $2000 in a weekend.

Enjoy  :

Hi James,

Every single project is tailor-made based on the needs and requirements of each employer, and therefore depends on the complexity, timing and costs of the job. Nevertheless, please find a list of projects where freelancers can easily make $2,000 or more in just a couple of days

1.Video Animation — video projects for KickStarter/Indiegogo or animation explainer videos for a new product/ service launch are an easy and quick job to do online

2.Programming — e.g. for Ecommerce stores (Shopify, Magento), we have seen a huge increase in ecommerce, as well as social media commerce

3.Website testing or Web Scraping — last minute changes on the sitebefore the big launch, companies want to make sure the site wouldwork as intended so they simply hire someone to test it throughout.

4.Website Development and Design (as you said, WordPress fits in this category) — it can be templated but it’s quick and efficient and it looks good

5.Children’s Book Illustration — incredibly popular job on the site that pays quite well. Self-publishing is a big thing these days and illustrators on the site can provide for a huge range of different design styles that fit any requirements

6.Writing — we have seen numerous requests from people needing help with their business plans or book editing hiring experts in the field on It’s especially popular among not native speakers when they need something done in English or another language and they want to do it right.

7.3D Rendering and Architecture Design — huge skill on the site, studios are willing to pay a lot of money to get last minute support and help with their projects or contests.

8.Software Architecture

9.App development — full time staff or freelance temp workers may not always be available to help out, especially during the weekends, while our developers on the site can easily fix any issue or help to finalize the project when deadlines are tough.

10.Photoshop or any other graphic design work — companies would pay substantial money to have their PowerPoint, Infographics, Brochures or Keynote presentations designed by a professional designer on the site.

The best thing about our service is that people can work in different time zones, so employers can get 3 days work done in just about 24 hours. E.g. someone in Europe working for an Australian while they’re sleeping. Freelancers can also take on several smaller projects from different employers at the same time so they can earn a big chunk of money by the time the weekend is over. Not just individuals, but companies and agencies employing several people work through the site, running several projects simultaneously so they can maximize the earnings.

According to Matt;

Some of these skills (software architecture, for example) might take more than a few months to learn, but not that much more. And things like 3D rendering, you’d be surprised, are actually quite easy to learn AND are in great demand. In fact, most of the job categories described above require skills that you either have right now (web scraping or writing) or can be learned with some study (through courses given all over the web and YouTube) and practice (illustration, 3D rendering, Photoshop, app development, etc.).

Many people think, “If I just pick the right stock, it can go up and I will make a lot of money.” This may or may not be true.  But with a small amount of money, the best returns can happen if you invest in YOURSELF, learn skills for the above jobs, and then start taking on more and more freelance work until you can quit your job, or work from


Matt gave the top 10 jobs he sees on, but I didn’t want to stop there. So I will be giving you others in my next article  that could reap huge rewards… ENJOY!!!

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